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Swyft of Broomhall and Wickersley

It is recorded that the grandfather of the first Swyft of Broomhall was a person living in Rotherham, having married into one of the oldest and most opulent families - the Annes of Frickley, who lived in the time of Henry VII. Hunter shows that even before then, the name of Swyft was common and respectable in the Sheffield and Rotherham area.

In 1455 there was a grant from Richard Wood, bailiff of Sheffield and William Swyft of Tinsley to John Hyne of Sheffield. John Swyft of Tinsley died intestate 1491; Margaret was his widow and in 1493, his goods were granted to her and her son Thomas Swyft, the chaplain, who later became Rector of Wickersley and of Burnsall.

This Thomas Swyft made his will on the 8th February, 1524. He desires his body be buried in the church of Rotherham before the door of Our Lady's Quire. He gives sums of money to various relations and also to the Rotherham Church and the Chapel at Tinsley. He also gave to the repair of the road at Tinsley. To the monastery of Rufford he bequeaths a silver salt gilt with a cover, and to the Lord Abbot a silver gilt girdle with harness. To Robert Swyft of Rotherham, a macer, a bowl with a silver cover; he appoints Robert Swyft and Robert Nevile, provost of the College of Saint John at Rotherham, his executors. The gift of the silver bowl to Robert bearing the heraldic insignia of the family shows that they were of the same family of Swyfte.

Robert Swyft(1477-1561), the executor of Thomas married to his first wife Anne (d.1539), daughter of William Taylor of Sheffield.

He had two daughters and two sons:

Anne married Lionel Reresby of Thrybergh, son of Thomas Reresby of Thrybergh (d by 1543) and Elizabeth Fulnethy. There is a momument to Anne in Thrybergh Church

Margaret married Richard Waterton, of Walton (son of Sir Thomas).

Robert Swyft lived to be 84 and there is a momument in the north choir of Rotherham Parish Church with the following inscription:

'Here under this tomb are placed and buried the bodys of Robert Swift, esq, and Anne his first wife, who lived many years in this town of Rotherham in virtuous fame, great wealth and good worship. They were pityful to the poor and relieved them liberally, and to their friends no less faithfull than bountyful. Truly they feared God, who plentifully poured His blessings upon them. The said Anne died in the month of June, in the year of our Lord God 1539, in the 67th year of her age; and the said Robert departed the VIII of August in the year of our Lord God 1561 in the 84 year of his age. On whose souls, with all Christian souls, the omnipotent Lord have mercy. Amen. Respice finem'

Robert Swift of Broomhall married Ellen, daughter and heir of Nicholas, son of John Wickersley of Wickersley and Broomhall. They had three daughters:

Robert Swyft died before his father; a deed of 1561 shows that the manors of Wadsley, Wickersley and Worrall were assigned to Francis Leake; Beighton, Birley and Hackenthorpe, with the parsonage of Beighton was assigned to Wortley; and the estate at Broomhall and another at North Lees, Derbyshire to Jessop.

William Swift of Rotherham married Margaret Worral, daughter of Hugh Worral of Loversall. They had one son and three daughters:

William made his will in 1568 when he was living in Rotherham.

He directed that 'every poor man and woman and child shall attend his funeral and shall have a dinner and a penny in silver'

To his sister Ann Reresby he bequeathed a black gown and directed that his wife and children should wear black.

He wished for Ralph Beiston, his ward to marry either of his unmarried daughters. He expressed the hope that his son Robert will follow the steps of his late grandfather, and gives him a chain of fine gold and two rings, he makes him executor and Sir Thomas Gargrave of Nostel, supervisor.

An abstract of the Will of William Swyfte, of Rotherham, in the county of York, Esquire, dated 20 August 1568 and proved 2 August 1571 (York) has reference to the following: My sister Mistres Revisbie; Nephew Thomas Revisbie; my nephew Francis Wortelye; my brother - in - law George Malyorie; to each of whom testator leaves a black gown on the day of his burial. He names his son Robert and two daughters '" Not bestowed in marriage," one of whom is to be married to Rauffe Beiston, Esq. " now my ward." He names a cousin and servant Alexander Swifte, son of Henry Swifte, and states that he has in his house " my Wife's daughter Dorothie Ricarde, to whom her late father Mr. Wirrall by his will did give four marks." Testator's wife at the date of his will is named Margaret. His property included the manors of Bothamsall, West Drayton, Olkeslaye upon Stokehill and East Drayton, co. Notts, and his estates in Rutherham. Thomas Revisbie is named as godson but is probably grandson

Will of William Swyfte

Sir Robert Swift of Rotherham married first to Bridget Hastings, daughter of Sir Francis Hastings of Fenwick. They had :

He married second to Ursula Barnham, daughter of Stephen Barnham of Lewes. They had:

Sir Robert died at Doncaster in March, 1625

Barnham Swift - was created Viscount Carlingford in 1627/8 but died without a male heir. His daughter and heir Mary married Robert Fielding;in 1681 they acquired land in Hatfield and Fishlake, Doncaster for use of themselves and their heirs. In Cokayne's Complete Peerage, it states Mary married Robert Feilding who then squandered all her property

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