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de Wickersley of Broomhall and Wickersley

The first owners of Broomhall, in Sheffield, were the de Wickersley's. Hunter says that although some resided at Broomhall, he presumed that their principal place of residence would be Wickersley.

Richard Fitz-Turgis was the first to use the Wickersley name. In the reign of King Stephen he was co-founder with Richard de Busli of Roche Abbey.

Manor of Wickersley

Richard Fitz-Turgis, was also named De Wickersley, from his having become possessed of the manor of Wickersley, which he held of the Lords of Bentley, the Newmarches of Tickhill Castle. His Wickersley estate was separated that of de Busli by a small brook, and it is recorded ' he heartily co-operated with de Busli, in the foundation of the Abbey of Roche. He was succeeded in the estate by a son, who was also a benefactor to the house of Roche, his daughter and sole heiress, Constantia, carried the property into the family of De Levet by her marriage with William de Levet. With the Levets the manor continued till the time of Henry V. about which period they disappear. It then seems to have become the property of the Cliffords, and is mentioned among the places of which Thomas, Lord Clifford died seised in 1454. From that time its descent, it is believed, has been the same with Maltby, to the Earl of Scarborough.

Robert de Wickersley married Joanna, daughter of Adam de la Roche, son of Simon de la Roche.

Thomas Wykersley, son of Oliver de Wickerlay, was Lord of the Manor of Wickersley along with Jordan de Ilde and Richard de Dred in 1315. The Poll Tax of 1379 records John de Wykerslay, Merchant and his son John, along with Adam de Wykerslay, Tailor and wife, Cecily.

Documents dated 1342 mention Agnes, widow of Rich. de Wykersley, and Alice daughter of Rich.

In 1363 a Rob. de Wekereslay, was Vicar of Braithwell.

By his last will and testament dated 20th May, 1471, Roger Wickersley bequeathed his body to be buried in the chapel of St. Mary within the Church of St. Alban's. He died four days later and was interred according to his instructions.

Nicholas Wickersley by a will of 3rd April, 1505 bequeathed his body to be buried in St. Alban's on the north side.

John Wickersley by his will of 3rd May, 1506 bequeathed his body to be buried in the church at Sheffield.

By a deed dated at Sprotborough 11th April during the 11th year of the reign of Henry VIII, John Everingham, clerk, at the instance of John Wickersley the younger, son and heir of John Wickersley senior, deceased, conveyed to George Lynacre, John Knifton, Nicholas Everingham, his Manor of Wickersley with the appurtenances at Wickersley, Hooton Levett, Sheffield, Ecclesall, Hallam, Bramley, Attercliffe, Darnall, Tickhill, Kimberworth, Tinsley and Brinsworth in Yorkshire, and at Hathersage in Derbyshire, which John Everingham together with Henry and Thomas Everingham and Thomas Wickersley, deceased, held of the gift of the said John Wickersley the elder, father to the first-named John Wickersley, for the performance of his last will, to hold to the said Lynacre, Knifton, Everingham and Everingham according to the intent of the said will.

24th April, 1528 John Wickersley, describing himself of Broom-hall in the Parish of Sheffield, bequeathed his body to be buried in Sheffield Parish Church, in the rode chapel.

About this time the family became extinct. Nicholas Wickersley, son of John, was the last with the name. His only daughter and heiress married Robert Swyft, the younger, son of Robert Swyft of Rotherham.

By this marriage Robert Swyft became possessed of Wickersley, Broomhall and the other estates of the Wickersley family.

Source:Hunter's Hallamshire

Remains of medieval coffin adjacent to south wall of St.Albans on Church Lane, is probably 15th century. Made of magnesian limestone, this full-size coffin is hollowed out for corpse and head, a large section is broken away. Possibly that of Roger de Wickersley whose 15th century grave slab is preserved in the central aisle of the Parish Church.

Sourced from Index of Wills at York Registry (FHL film 1786295)

WYCKERSLAY, Thomas, rector of Darfield, date of probate 28 Sep 1436, will written on 10 Jul 1434
WYCKERSLAY, Roger, of Wickersley, date of probate 8 Oct 1471, will written on 20 May 1471
WICKERSLAY, John, Esq., bur buried at Sheffield, date of probate 10 Apr 1510, will written on 3 May 1500
Nicholas WICKERSLAY, buried at. Wickersley, date of probate 15 Apr 1505, will written on 3 Apr 1505 .
WYKERSLEY, John, Brome Hall, Sheffield, 20 May 1506
WIKERSLAY, John, Bromehall, par Sheffeld, esquire, date of probate Jul 1 1528, will written on Apr 24 1528

May 20th 1506 . The Will of John Wykersley of Broom Hall in the parish of Sheffield, proved at York ; directed that he should be buried within the Parish Church of Sheffield, and testator bequeathed to the High Altar for tithes forgotten 2s ; to every Altar in the same Church 20d; to Saint Katherine Quire 2s ; to John Pave parish clerk 12d ; to testator's burial in the said Church 6s 8d; to poor men for holding up his torches 8d ; to every of his servants in his house one sheep or 12d; to every of his godchildren who had need, by the sight and direction of his executor, one sheep or 12d;
to Thomas Anferton, testator's "yearde of whit wolan cloth to make him a gown ye of;"
to Elizabeth and Margaret his daughters, the third part of his goods, in payment of their marriage money. He willed all those his goods, lest on his bringing forth of his part his will fulfilled that John his son have them.
He bequeathed to Wickersley Church 20s, and made Margaret his wife executrix, and ? Everingham, steward of Hallamshire and John Everingham parson of Goldesburghe supervisors.
Names of Persons: John Wykersley, John Pave, Thomas Anferton, Elizabeth Wykersley, Margaret Wykersley, John Wykersley (testator's son), Margaret Wykersley (testator's wife), ? Everingham, John Everingham.
Place Names: Broom Hall Sheffield, Parish Church of Sheffield, The High Altar, Saint Katherine Quire, Wykersley Kirk, Halomshire, Goldesburghe (Goldsborough near Doncaster).
Notes : This will is in the Probate Registry at York, but no date of proof is given.

The decease of his said wife his lands and tenements lying in Wickersley, Hooton Levet, Sheffield, Ecclesall, Hallam, Bramley, Attercliffe, Darnall, Tickhill, Kimberworth, Tinsley and Brinsworth within the County of York, and all his lands lying within the Lordship of Hathersage Co Derby, should remain to his son John Wikkerslay and the heirs of his body lawfully begotten, and for want of issue, to the aforesaid Elennor and the heirs of her body;
the said Elennor then, not to have the aforesaid ?
and for default of heirs, to his two daughters Elizabeth and Margaret equally and the heirs of their bodies;
and if so to be, that none of them should have heirs, then all aforesaid lands to remain to Thomas Wikkerslay testator's brother and his heirs;
and in default of heirs of his body to testator's sisters.
Further, that if the said Elennor would not be guided, counselled and ruled after the mind of his son John and testator's friends, testator willed, that neither she be entitled thereto nor have the aforesaid ?.
Names of Persons:John Wikkerslay, Margaret Wikkerslay, Thomas Buwyn, Elizabeth Wikkerslay, Margaret Wikkerslay, Elennor Wikkerslay, Nicholas Wikkerslay, John Wikkerslay, Thomas Wikkerslay.
Place-Names: Church of Shefelde, Lordship of Kymberworth, township of Halmn, Castell grene, Wikkerslay (Wickersley), Hooton Levet, Ealesall (Ecclesall), Bromely (Bramley near Wickersley), Atterclif, Darnall, Tickyll, Tinneslow, Brekersherth (? Brinsworth), Lordship of Hattersegh Co Derby (Hathersage).
Note : From the wills at York Probate Registry,
. Will 3 May 1506, proved 10 Apl 1510 at York.


April 24th 1528 . The Will of John Wickesley of Bromehall in the parish of Sheffield esquire, proved 1st July 1528 at York, directed that he should be buried in the roode chapel within the Parish Church of Saints Peter and Paul Sheffelde and for his mortuary his best whyke. He appointed his wife Elen and his cozen Richard Everingham executors, and gave to the High Altar for tithes forgotten 3s 4d.
Reciting that Master Richarde Talbot one of the young sons of the Right Hon. Lorde George Erie of Shrewsburie, James Savage, Richard Everingham and John Holland by virtue of "a deed of feoffment for the more surance of that his Will, stood possessed of all his lands "within the Countys of York and Darbie," also his manor of Wickersley and messuage in Sheffelde in the holding of Richard Fenton, to the use of Elene his wife for life.
Testator willed "other purchased lands in the Countye of York to the Church of Sheffeld to find an honest priest to synge in the said Church and pray "for his soul. To Sir John Crawsha his chaplain to pray for testator in the said church "a hole yeare"
also out of part of the profits of the above lands
to cause the loft in the Roode Chapel to be new buylded and to provide a sute of vestments to be used at the roode altar in the chapel."
Residue to his niece Elinor Wentworth "doughter" of his "broder" Nicholas Wikersley deceased, and to the heirs of her body "and for defalte" to Elizabeth and Margarete testator's sisters, "and for defalte" as declared by the Will of his father.
And as to his "goods and cattalles" one half to his wife Elen and the other half to his "cozen" Richard Everingham;
to his sisters Elizabeth and Margaret
Reciting that he had put his "cozen" Richard Everingham to payne in the execution of that his will, he therefore gave testator's " yonge cosinge, his childer xxx11 , in recompense," to be taken of testator's goods and chattels.
He appointed his " very goode Lorde Franciste lorde Talbot sonne and heire apparente to the Right Hon. George Earl of Shrewsbury, supervisor to whom he " gave for his paynes"
Names of Persons : John Wickesley, Elen Wickesley, Richard Everingham, Master Richard Talbot, Earl of Shrewsbury, James Savage, John Holland, Richard Fenton, Sir John Crawsha, Elinor Wentworth, Nicholas Wikersley, Elizabeth Wickesley, Margarete Wickesley, Francis Lorde Talbot.
Witnesses: Sir Thomas Wod vicar of Sheffeld, Sir Thomas Hoghson, Sir Edwar Peir, Sir John Crawsha, Ric Bower, Thomas Twig, Ric Wigfall, John Amon.
Place-Names : Bromehall in the parish of Sheffelde, the Roode Chapel, Church of St. Peter and Paul, the High Altar, York, Derby, Manor of Wickersley.
Notes: From the wills at York Probate Registry. The testator drew an invidious distinction between priests. Whyke or whick meant quick or alive, and it here means "his best live animal."


William Eyre of North Lees, Hathersage, son of Nicholas Eyre of Hope and Joanna Barlow, married a daughter of 'Wickersley of Wickersley'.

Emma Eyre married a 'Wickersley of Wickersley'.

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