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Wickersley Poll Tax, 1379

John Bosseuill, Franklin, and wife Elizabeth, Tax 40d
John de Wykerslay, Merchant, Tax 24d
John de Wykerslay, son, Tax 4d
Margaret Rosselyn, Tax 4d
Thomas Hughson, Tax 4d
Walter de Byngham and wife Agnes, Tax 4d
Joan de Helughby, Tax 4d
Agnes Herre, Tax 4d
Adam de Wykerslay, Tailor and wife, Cecily, Tax 6d
John Sclaster, Tailor and wife Alice, Tax 4d
Margaret Sclaster, daughter, Tax 4d
Thomas Betonson, Tax 4d
Agnes de Brampton, Tax 4d
John de Hardwyk, Smith and wife Matilda, Tax 6d
John del Wod and wife Agnes, Tax 4d
Thomas Ouerthewate, Tax 4d
William Sywardthorp, Cartwright & wife Beatrice, Tax 6d
John Sywardthor, Tax 4d
Thomas Sywardthor, Tax 4d
Alice Carter, Tax 4d
Geoffrey Bosseuill, Tax 4d
Alice Bosseuill, daughter, Tax 4d
Margaret Bosseuill, daughter, Tax 4d
John Doyle,Tailor, Tax 12d
John Drewe, Tax 4d
John Shepherd, Tax 4d
Cecily de Upsale, Tax 4d
Geoffrey Barker, Tax 4d
Robert Shephird and wife Cecily, Tax 4d
Beatrice de Denyngton, Tax 4d
Roger Smyth, Smith and wife Joan, Tax 6d
Thomas Gedde and wife Joan, Tax 4d
Robert Carter and daughter Agnes, Tax 4d
William Carter, Webster and wife Cecily, Tax 6d
William Willeson, Tax 4d
Richard Willeson, son, Tax 4d
William de Aldam, Tax 4d
John Carter, Tax 4d
Isabella de Aldam, Tax 4d
Agnes de Aldam,daughter Tax 4d
Catherine, Tax 4d


It is recorded that in 1397 a Sir Thomas Aldam was chaplain of chantry of Tickhill.

Re Bosseuill; See Bosvile of Warmsworth

Re Beatrice de Denyngton: Dinnington connection?

Re William Sywardthorp: Referred to in Court Roll 1349-50: The Black Death


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