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The Brecks

Black Hill Main Colliery

Situated between the Stag and the Brecks, Black Hill Main was an extension of Herringthorpe Colliery where work started in 1804. Due to problems with drainage, part of the workings were abandoned in 1833.

Quarries and Farms

The Brecks Quarries were opened in 1814 by William Roddis.

In 1833 Thomas Rayner was a Quarry Owner living at the Brecks

Farming fifty acres of land at The Brecks in 1871 was Henry F. Styring and his wife Betsy. The Styrings had been at Brecks in 1851 when a wedding notice records: John Dobb Styring, eldest son of Thomas Styring of The Brecks married to Matilda Hoyland of Oakerthorpe in 1851, at Wickersley

The 1881 census records Joseph Duckmanton, born Sandbeck Park Farm, Maltby, was a farmer and milk dealer, living at the Brecks, and living at the Toll Bar House was Tom and Emma Watson and their children.

By 1891 there were 2 farms and five houses listed at The Brecks. John Day at Brecks House, was a farmer and butcher.

Listerdale Estate

Brecks Lane


The Brecks became part of the Listerdale Estate, one side of Brecks Lane having been completed prior to 1933, Brecks Crescent was built next followed by Toll Bar Road, Gibbing Greaves Road and The Brow.



A couple of houses on Brecks Crescent were converted to shops. At number 41, the front room was converted where Mrs. Mulroy sold groceries and fancy goods. Mr. and Mrs. Clarke at number 50, converted part of their home into a Bakery.

Toll Bar Cottage

The last toll was collected at midnight on November 1st, 1879.

The Toll Bar Cottage was at the corner of Brecks Crescent and Bawtry Road. The Richardson's lived here in the 1930's followed by the Gill's. The cottage was demolished in 1955 and a shop was built, Heath's, which was demolished in 1966 when Blackham's Supermarket (later Grandways, Jacksons, now Sainsburys) was built. The manager of Heath's was Mr. Barratt and his assistant Dorothy Brook who later married a Ward and lived on Springfield Road.


Brecks bus

In 1912 the Broom Road tram route was extended to Maltby with trolleybuses. Buses were first introduced in 1913 and the tram routes were replaced by buses from about 1929.

Listerdale Shopping Centre

Where the Listerdale Shopping Centre now is, were four stone cottages one of which the Richardson's moved into from Toll Bar Cottage. Joyce Lister, Clifford's wife owned the No. 5 Boutique and Draycott's had 2 shops on the shopping parade.

Listerdale Shopping Centre

Ash Farm

Brecks Hotel

Ash's Farm, where in 1891, William Ash from Ranskill, Nottinghamshire was farming. His son Bill, born in Dalton, was farming there in the 1930's. The farm was situated between Brecks Lane and Crescent, where the Brecks Hotel now stands. The farmhouse was demolished in 1936 and The Brecks Hotel opened in 1937, tenanted by Mr. and Mrs. Woodland. Next to the farmhouse was Red Brick House the home of the Taylor's and the next building was a grocery shop run by the Heaths.

The Wright family had a Fish and Chip Shop where the Post Office now is, and above Ron Briggs had a Barbers Shop.

Cricket Club

The Brecks Cricket Club was founded in the 1930's. During the war years, a barrage balloon and search light were installed in the cricket field.

Youth Club

Near to the Cricket Club at the Brecks was Brecks Youth Club which was very popular. At one stage, youth club leader was Arnold Challinor. Read about the Brecks Youth Club »

Listerdale Press

On 2nd January, 1932 a partnership between C. D. Greaves and H. M. Hurst, Printers and Manufacturing Stationers was dissolved. They traded under the style of The Listerdale Press and Greaves and Hurst at Listerdale and 133 Wellgate, Rotherham.

Brecks Garage

Ted Godley of Godley's builders in Wickersley built the garage at the Brecks that stand next to the shopping centre. It was built during the 1950's. The Company of H. Godley, Ltd Builder and Contractors was formed by Hubert Godley, who came to the village in 1910.

Doug Rufus

South Yorkshire marathon runner Doug Rufus, lived at The Brecks. He died in August, 2008 aged 96.


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