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The family was in the area as early as the 1500s, when Ales Waddesworth m. EDMUNDE AWKELAND 13 OCT 1578 at Braithwell.

Jane Wadsworth died 1617 at Wickersley

Josias Wadsworth c.29 JUL 1755 Braithwell, son of John.

Ann Wadsworth m. ROBERT WHITTLES 04 SEP 1759 Braithwell

John Wadsworth m. ANNE POOL 08 NOV 1763 Braithwell

William Wadsworth c.02 JAN 1765 Braithwell , son of John.

Mary Wadsworth m. JOHN THOMPSON 24 MAR 1801 Braithwell


Some of the family came to Wickersley from Barnburgh:

John Wadsworth m. MARGARET COWPER 10 JUN 1723 Barnbrough

John WADSWORTH m. 1737 Barnbrough, Doncaster, to Mary MOOR they had several children including:

Mary Moor might have been a descendant of Thomas More.

Thomas WADSWORTH(1745-1808) m. 1774 Wath Sarah BALMFIRTH (1750-1825). They had 8 children, two daughters moved to Wickersley:

William WADSWORTH (1742-1826) Barnburgh. ( Will dated Oct.1822). M. 1765 Barnburgh Mary FOSTER. Children born Barnburgh:

Children of George ¹ and Anne WADSWORTH born Wickersley:

Jane Jessop was probably daughter of Joseph Jessop who m. Ann Gervas 08 JUL 1817 Braithwell.

A newspaper report in Liverpool Mercury of 7th July 1856: George Wadsworth aged 40 of Wickersley, a Quarry Owner, was standing talking cheerfully to a neighbour and watching the departure of a number of school children on a holiday excursion to Roche Abbey, when he fell down and died instantly. In 1871 Jane was the Quarry owner, employing 6 men and 1 boy.

Children of Joseph ² and Anne (nee BARLOW), born Wickersley:

Children of Christopher Thomas³ and Elizabeth (nee PARKIN) born Wickersley:

Sarah Anne NEWSUM (Nee WADSWORTH) was born in Wickersley & buried Fort William (Thunder Bay), Ontario, Canada.

Children of George and Jane (Nee JESSOP, born Wickersley:

Children of John and Martha (Nee DOWNES) born Wickersley (living at Northfield House in 1881):

Children of Charles and Eliz.(Nee LOCKWOOD

Charles died Richmond Park in 1897 and Elizabeth died at Hoyland in 1923.

Children of Fred.Chas. and Gertrude MARSHALL/ Goucher, born Whiston:

Frederick Charles died Rotherham Union Workhouse and was buried in a Pauper's grave, Moorgate Cemetery in 1925. Gertrude died at The Green, Whiston in 1939.


Thomas Frederick WADSWORTH (1851-1904) b. Wickersley, d. Stone m. 1880 Sheffield Sarah Ellen ?. Children:

From 1881 census all born Wickersley apart from Hannah:
Mathew Wadsworth, born 1829,age 52, Quarry Owner
Hannah Wadsworth, born 1837 Wife age 44, born Althorpe, Lincoln
Florence Wadsworth 13
Julia Wadsworth 10
Emily Wadsworth 8
Mathew Wadsworth 5
George E. Wadsworth 3
Harry S. Wadsworth 8 m


John Lister Wadsworth, a Farm Bailiff, married Mary Ann Beevers. In 1881 they were living at Moat Farm. Children:


From 1881 census , living at Northfield House, all born Wickersley
John WADSWORTH, born 1846, age 35. Quarry Owner Employing 2 Men
Martha WADSWORTH (Nee Downes), Wife, born 1843, age 38
Jno. Wm. WADSWORTH age 13
Martha Gertrude WADSWORTH age 11
Geo. Henry WADSWORTH age 9
Leonard Downes WADSWORTH age 7
Alvery Middleton WADSWORTH age 5
Edric Harold WADSWORTH age 1


From 1891 census: Page 2 Folio 15
John Wadsworth,Head,Married, aged 45,Merchant,Employer, born in Wickersley Yorkshire,
Martha Wadsworth (Nee Downes),Wife,M,48,born in Wickersley
Martha Gertrude Wadsworth,Dau,S,21,Dom General Servant,born in Wickersley
George Harry Wadsworth,Son,S,19,Stone Mason,born in Wickersley
Lenard Downes Wadsworth,Son,S,17,Stone Mason,born in Wickersley
Alvey Middleton Wadsworth,Son,15,Stone Mason,born in Wickersley
Edie Harold Wadsworth,Son,,11,Scholar,born in Wickersley
Cyril Frederick Wadsworth,Son,8,Scholar,born in Wickersley

Page 10 Folio 19
Ernest C Wadsworth,Head,Married, aged 33,,Stone Quarry Mason,Employed,born in Wickersley
Rosa Wadsworth,Wife,M,30,born in Markham Moor Nottinghamshire,
Ellen Wadsworth,Dau,4,Scholar,born in Wickersley

Page 11 Folio 20
Ann Wadsworth,Head,Widow, aged 74,born in Conisboro Yorkshire,
George H Wadsworth,Son,S,37,Carter,Employed,born in Wickersley
Jane Barlow,Dau,Widow age 39,born in Sheffield
Ida Ellen Barlow,Grndau,15,born in Sheffield
Annie E Barlow,Grndau,9,born in Sheffield
Charles E Barlow,Grnson,6,born in Sheffield

Page 12 Folio 20 (10 years later in 1901 John, Mary & family were recorded living and farming in Carr),
John L Wadsworth,Head,Married, aged 42,,Farmer,born Wickersley
Mary A Wadsworth,Wife,M,50,born in Wickersley Yorkshire,
Horace Wadsworth,Son,13,
Lawrence Wadsworth,Son,10
John H Wadsworth,Son,7
Albert Wadsworth,Son,4

Enumeration District 21
Page 3 Folio 26
Charles Wadsworth,Head,Married, aged 66 born in Wickersley Yorkshire,
Elizabeth Wadsworth (Nee Lockwood),Wife,M,50,born in Bramley Yorkshire,
Fredrick Wadsworth,Son,S,25,Labourer Bricklayers,born Wickersley. d. Rotherham Union Workhouse m. Gertrude Marshall Goucher
Thomas Wadsworth,Son,S,22,Labourer Bricklayers,born in Wickersley

¹ William DAVIS b. 1830 Newport, Monmouthshire m. 1870 Wales, Yorks. Ann KENNARD, (b 1834 Ordsall, Notts) Children born Pigeon Bridge: George b.1870, Eliza b.1872, Annie M b.1874, Esther b.1875, Richard b.1879

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