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Posted 20/07/2013

Hi my name is Ron Boid. I used to live at 32 Morthen Road. I emigrated to the United States in 1974. My sister was Mavis George. I am retired educator, living in Buffalo, Oklahoma. I have many fond memories of Wickersley and would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.
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Posted 9/05/2013

One of my Aunts – Winifred McCaffery( nee Galvin) served in the AFS at Wickersley during the war and I wonder if anyone has any group photos which might include her?
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Posted 27/12/2012

Hi, I am responding to Ray Hill, I may have details regarding your half brother Geoffrey Arthur Hill. Please Email Me I have tried your email address but the email was returned.
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Posted 13/09/2012

Hi i'm from Nottingham and my parents MARGARET JOHNSON AND DONALD LINDSEY lived in Rotherham from the the 1930's - 1960's. Sadly they have both passed away now but I'm looking for anyone who new them relatives,friends,etc.? My dads parents were Ivy and billy lindsey and my mums parents were Ethel Johnson and Reginald johnson. I am also looking for CHARLIE COOTE/COOT OF WICKERSLEY any information.
Wendy Holmes ( nee lindsey )
Thank you very much - please Email Me

Posted 06/08/2012

Hi my name is Norman Edmanson and I live in Doncaster. I used to live in Maltby and went to Dinnington Tech 1939 to 1941. It was there that I met Mavis Boid who was my first real girlfriend. Although we both married others, I married Barbara Heathcote from Maltby - we have now celebrated 61 years of happy marriage. Mavis married Kermit George and has lived happilly with him in Oklahoma USA until he died several years ago. Mavis made contact with me after Kermit passed on and she came over to England with her Friend Ivalee Brock and we spent a happy time with them which brought back many happy memories from the past. Mavis and I have been in regular e mail contact since then. Her health deteriorated and sadly she passed away on Saturday Aug 4th.
If anyone reads this who knew Mavis or me from those days I would be very happy to hear from them.Email Me
Take care, Best regards, Norman

Posted 02/10/2011

Hi there
Sorry if this is a bit random, but I am searching for people that worked with my father (Peter Collis) at the Brecks youth club in the mid 60s. I have need to find the name of a female who was close to my dad in 1964-65 but do not know a name.
Any help you could provide in information would be great, my father passed away some time ago and my mother has no memory.
Kind regards Rob Email Me

Posted 12/08/2011

can anyone help me to find my great grandads decendents he was robert garner he came to wickersley some time after the 1911 census and he died there in 1938.his wife hannah died in 1928 their son willis is also with them he died in 1952.my grandad was william henry garner and the family grew up in the whitley wood area his siblings were,mary-leonard-charlotte-ethel-harold-walter- elsie.i have only managed to find one death certificate for walter who was a farmer at21,gillott lane,wickersley.he died in clifton lane nursing home rotherham in 1974.his daughter is named as hazel patricia barnatt living at 229,wickersley road but i cant find out anything else.robert garner had a coal buisness in hangingwater road in the 1911 census,on this wedding photograph in 1931 my mother vera garner is without a father to give her away as he had died in dec 1930 aged only 46yrs.her motheis all in black at the right and her brothers are at the back,they were robert-tom-albert she married my father lewis crofts from fulwood and they continued to live in the same area as great grandad garner had done for another 60 yrs, i think tom married eva but i only saw them once when they came to my mothers funeral in 1971,if anyone can help me trace any decendents of the garner family i would be very grateful.

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Posted 11/08/2011

I am curator at Newhaven Fort, on the south coast near Brighton. We have had a photograph album donated to us and in amongst them are group photographs of Wickersley NFS (National Fire Service) - it would really be good to put names to them - could anyone help?
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Posted 25/07/2011

Hello, love the wickersleyweb site! there is a bit on brecks, which is where i have lived since i was born (23 years). My dad grew up on brecks crescent with his 4 brothers and one sister, aswell as my grandad jack patching also living there. i am after information or if anyone knew my family name back then. My dad surname is Patching, and his mum was Smith.
Thankyou Emily Email Me

Posted 28/04/2011

Does anyone know who 'Squit' was, who was supposed to live in an old tiny shepherds cottage in a field at the end of Quarry Field Lane? The cottage was in ruins last time I saw it,in the 1960's. The cottage,which I visited once, only had one room. Squit was supposed, (according to my late mother),to bea small red haired man who died in the 1920's/30's.
Email Me R.Oxtoby, was Booth

Posted 17/04/2011

I lived in Quarry Field Lane around 1965/70,but my mother,Winniefred Booth and my dad Clarence,lived there earlier in the 50's,it was nicknamed 'The Quarry Shutters',I never found out why.But I remember the view from our cottage clear through past Jim Eyres scrapyard to the Prince of Wales road in Sheffield, by it was windy some nights!

Posted 11/10/2010

I am related to Robert Hollingworth who was the last man from Rotherham to be hung at York, in 1798. He was from Bramley / Wickersely and his story is in the Wickersleyweb newspaper page. I would be interested to hear from anyone else who is related to these Hollingworths.
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Posted 05/07/2010

Hi, I am the great grandson of Willoughby Flower whom came to Australia as a Minister late 1800's ... I have bibles that date back to early 1600's with most of family tree. I would love to know more about where all the family went. I have traced them to Canada and also Minessota US ... Just email me and if u wish any information would be glad to reply
Email Me Ron Hastings

Posted 07/06/2010

Well,just returned from Wickersley again.Sorry I couldn,t see everyone I wanted to. My Mum still well at 92. Hi to everyone.I am back in Canada right now.
Stephen Dolphin

Posted 14/04/2010

wanting information please on butterfield family .think some lived on quarryfield road wickersley. think it was my grandfathers sister.
Pam Email Me

Posted 14/04/2010

On your page about Coronation Celebrations,you appear to be quoting from a souvenir programme, but a curious statement is made within.
It says: "The manor (of Wickersley) changed hands quickly during the eighteenth century. William Sylvester held it together with Mexborough and it passed on to Thomas Gilbert, a captain in the service of the East India Company, and then to Mrs. Reve, the wife of a London doctor."
Now Thomas Gilbert was a dyer and citizen of London and Mrs Reeve was his daughter, Mary (1708-1792). There was a Thomas Gilbert who was Captain of the Charlotte, a vessel which took convicts to Botany Bay and then discovered the Gilbert Islands in the Pacific in 1788, but this cannot be the same man owing to the dates. Thomas Gilbert held the manor of Wickersley from his wife, Sarah, daughter of Thomas Silvester by his wife, Sarah Clay who brought the manors of Wickersley and Mexborough to her husband. (I make these statements from my own researches)
Therefore I am writing to ask if you can shed any light on this conundrum, please? Was the Thomas Gilbert who held Wickersley ever employed by the East India Company, as suggested by your page? Or is that in error? Does anyone know any more of this Thomas Gilbert, please?
Many thanks, Caspar
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Posted 14/04/2010

I have recently been researching a branch of my family, the Bell family of Wickersley, they were Quarry owners and Farmers, I have plenty of information about them up until the early 1970's, this was when Reginald and Victor Bell sold their Quarry at Ulley to a Mr Harris. I would love to know more about the Quarry business and if anyone has any old images of either the family or any of their Quarries I would be very grateful to have a look at them and/or use them in my family history project. I descend from the maternal side of the family, my Gt Gt Gt Grandmother being Ann Street nee Bell. Any info would be gratefully received. Thank you.
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Posted 02/04/2010

I think your web site is great I would like to contact Leticia Maguire as I think her mother and mine were friends in the 1940s in Wickersley my mother's family owned the grocers shop, Glaishers does anyone remember it?
Email Me Jane

Posted 04/02/2010

My father found some old photos and we wondered if anyone knows who they may be? Our ancestors were Joseph and Emma Willis, my father's grandparents. We thought the gent in standing may be Joseph, but the photo of Joseph already on your site is a similar man but broader in the face. Joseph's own father had died years before and I wonder if the 2 seated men are Gillotts as Joseph's mother was a Gillott. The lady on the right photo I think may be Joseph's mother in law (Mrs Jane Hughes) so we are not so worried about her ID.


Posted 10/01/2010

Hello there, very interesting read about Wickersley there are still several Boyd families sill living in Wickersley. My Grandad Boyd lived with 9 or 10 siblings on Quarryfield lane, he is buried in St.Albans Churchyard along with his wife and brother and at least one of his sisters to my knowledge.I am a Boyd who lived on Bawtry Road. I am not sure of the dates of births and deaths but could easily find out for anyone interested. Just for interest some of the Boyds who were stone masons became Golf professionals.
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Posted 15/12/2009

Hi, I am wondering if anyone out there could be of any assistance to me? I have been tracing my family history for a few years now, part of that history includes Pear Tree Cottage which used to stand at the old Wickersley Crossroads, my Grandmother Gladys Bell nee Booth was born and brought up there, I have the history of the cottage right up to it's demolition in the early 1970's to make way for the roundabout as we know it now, what I am after now is to know if anyone has a photo or any photo's of the road works in the early 1970's showing the transformation of the crossroads or any photo's of the demolition of the cottages that stood there - I would be very grateful if anyone who has any images would consider scanning them and sending them through to me.
Thank you

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Posted 08/12/2009

Further to my previous contact earlier this year, I am wondering if there is anyone who may be able to help/point me in the right direction?

It would be great to have records of the monumenal inscriptions of the headstones in Wickersley Cemetery. Has anyone done this? I am slowly doing this for a local village church and at the same time taking photgraphs of the same so that relatives can attache copies to their family trees. Anyone willing to oblige?

Email Me Colin

Posted 06/12/2009

Two excellant new articles on the Wickersley website - Joe Lister and The Brecks. Lots of research has gone into these detailed pieces.

I find the Joe Lister piece particularly interesting as I lived in one of his houses on Melciss Road for 26 years. My mum and dad moved in to the house in 1937 when they got married.

The houses were I suppose state of the art to some extent at that time.

They provided good quality rented homes for hundreds of people.

Many of the names and places are most familiar.

It is amazing how Joe built up his empire and I was not aware of how he started out.

The wooden built Estate Hall played a big part in my life.

When I was little my mum used to take me to the sowing class that was run by Mrs. Ainsley.

Like many women at that time my mum used to make her own clothes.

There was a cast iron coke burning stove in the middle of the building that provided the heat.

I think the building was used to show films - it was always referred to as The Bug Hut.

There is just a grass space where it once stood - was it burned down?

I have some old black and white photographs taken outside the Estate Hall perhaps in the early 1950's showing a group of residents including my late sister Margaret and my granddad George Gill who lived at the bottom of Melciss Road.

I remember the allotments that were at the top of the woods at the end of Rosemary Road.

We knew The Denes as the woods - although a recall my mum referring to the woods as down the Dene.

The woods were a great place to play - we would go down there loads of times - particularly during the school holidays.

I walked through the woods four times every day of my life from five to eleven years of age as I went from home to Listerdale School - I always came home for my dinner.

My dad was a member of Rotherham Motor Club - I have a Rotherham Motor Club metal pin badge that belonged to him - not many of those about?

I remember Gilbert Lister living in the bungalow off Bawtry Road. Gilbert worked for the Listerdale Estate (Joe and then Clifford) as a tradesman - joiner or whatever.

We often attended the scrambles and hill climbs for motorbikes and cars that were held down Listerdale Woods.

I have some old photographs of the events.

Near to the cricket club at the Brecks was Brecks Youth Club that was very popular.

I still Arnold Challinor who was youth club leader - he lives in Maltby.

My uncle Ted Godley of Godley's builders in Wickersley built the garage at the Brecks that stands next to the shopping centre.

This would be during the 1950's as it was when I was at Listerdale Primary School.

Don Gill, Tickhill, December 6 2009

Posted 28/11/2009

I have a hand written essay on the History of Misson, written by Katherine Warden in the early '70's. It extends to 19 pages of an exercise book, but I've transcribed it into 3 pages of type. Katherine's family on her Mother's side, can be traced back to the CALAM & STYRING families. She contributed much to Harold Styring's book, 'Earls without Coronets'. I will happily e-mail a copy to anyone interested.

Glenys Email Me

Posted 02/11/2009

Hi folks. I'm interested in the Scholey family of Aughton/Aston. I have definite links to my great x5 grandfather William Scholey (born 1782 in Aston) and tentative links from him to a Henry Scholey who must have been born around 1700.

It's also interesting that, as a boy I lived in Aston for about a year without having any idea that I had ancestors from there. Small world!

If anyone has more information about this branch of the Scholey family, I'd love to hear about it. I'm especially keen to find any links to the Scholeys who lived in Aughton in the early 1600s.

Thanks - Ian. Email Me

Posted 02/11/2009

Does anyone have any information about the Bell family of Wickersley, mainly John Bell a Quarry Owner in the early to mid 1950's, his partners were Norman Victor Bell, Dennis Milton Bell, Leslie Thomas Bell and finally Reginald John Bell. Their Quarry was at Ulley and business premises were at number 1 Green Lane, Wickersley. Any info would be very welcome
Thanks, Email Me Annette

Posted 29/10/2009

I have looked at this site on and off for a few months now. It is very useful for those of us with associations with Wickersley and certainly helps keep the heriatge and history of the village alive for future generations. I have ancestry dating back over 200 years linking me to Wickersley and this connection is still ongoing.
Thanks, Sandra

Posted 08/08/2009

My search for information on Harold Knight(s) STYRING has yielded some good results. A lady in Sheffield loaned me a copy of his book, 'Earls without Coronets', and I am now able to help members of the family I never knew existed.
Thanks Glenys
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Posted 04/08/2009

This morning my wife and I went for a walk in a village near to us. We saw the ponds,fishermen,ducks,and much wildlife. The local ponds reminded me of the ponds in Wickersley which we visited during my childhood.Slacks pond is where my old dog fell through the ice and my elder brother had to break the ice, wade out to him, and bring him back to dry land. Mick,the dog was so cold we had to wrap him up in my brother's coat. In Listerdale woods the two ponds [at the bottom of the hill climb] were first used to swim in.Later on in years they were used to build rafts to float on the water. What fun for young people!!! Between the bottom of Rosemary and Springfield Roads just as you entered the woods there was a spring, we borrowed my Dad's spade to block the stream up.The allotment holders were highly pleased because they could get fresh water. I was taught to swim at Millhouses open air pool as a child because we were often played near the ponds.
Happy memories,
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Posted 11/07/09

Currently researching the home guard in rotherham,wickersley played a large part in c companies activities who were based at the stag pub, Wickersley house's roof was used as a look out post,and the famous listerdale hill climb was turned into a home guard training ground where cartridge cases can still be found at the site of the climb itself
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Posted 11/06/09

Having clicked onto Wickersley Web after a long absence I was delighted to see that the site is as good as ever, the updates are very informative and I was happy to see an update on the Booth Family. Wickersley Web has always been a favourite of mine, very well presented.

Posted 10/06/09

Fantastic site it brought many happy memories of when I was a child.The village was only small in those days it has grown that much I feel lost when I revisit with my family.The bus fare on the tracklesses was only 3p return to Rotherham. 3p not 3d.What a change,can anybody remember old money? Half a Crown used to buy, return ticket to Rotherham,best seats in the pictures,and fish and chips for supper, with 1p change.The woods,fields,farms were great no harm could come to if they were playing there.
Happy memories,
Terry Colley.
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Posted 08/06/09

I so enjoy the tales of Wickersley ....

Posted 23/03/09

my mother LETITIA MAGUIRE married KEN DEPLEDGE in wickersley church in 1946. Lettys mother was HANNAH POLLARD ( previously Maguire, nee Finch). Her father was Robert Maguire who may have had a chip shop in Bramley but I would love to learn more about him, and Letty who died young in 1950. does anyone remember them? You have a brilliant site..I enjoyed the memories of Dick Foers, who I can remember leaning on the farm gate
Email Me, Christine

Posted 10/02/09

My Great Grandfather was Henry BROOKS. He was born in 1860 in Compton Bishop, Somerset. However in the 1881 census he is listed as a Footman working for William Aldam (who was at one time MP for Leeds) at Frickley Hall near Wickersley. By 1886 he had moved to St Leonards in Sussex and married my Great Grandmother. I am wondering whether anyone knows where records for Frickley Hall during the early 1860's might be found as I would like to find out more about my great grandfather's time there.
Email Me Ivor

Posted 09/02/09

My gggrandad george dobbs came from wickersleyhe was born about1786/87 and married jane deykins? I have looked around your area and as yet have not found george He moved to Chute in wiltshire around 1841 (1841census)I am only a beginner so any help would be greatful..
pete dobbs in oz
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Posted 08/02/09

I am researching my family tree, as, I suspect are many people who come to this site. My mother was Ida Kennerley, who was married in Wickersley church, her mother was Florence Lizzie Turner, whose mother was Sarah Harriet Avill. I would be delighted to hear from anyone who has any info about these people. I remember visiting Wickersley as a young boy and some of the family names, Wadsworth was one that often occurred, I believe I visited one of their family homes. I have numerous photos of people that I am trying to put names to in my attempts to build my heritage and would be delighted to share them and any other info with 'Wickersley' folk.
Regards to all family members.
Email Me Colin

Posted 25/01/09

Hello to anyone who is out there from my time who can rember me when i lived in wickersley.My name is paul rackham and i lived at 61 northfield lane, and i have many fond memories of wickersley and my time at wick comp school,Anyone who rembers me e mail me it would be great to hear from you.
PS,you might have come to one of the parties that i used to throw, they still hold very fond memories,.
all the best paul
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Posted 23/01/09

I was born Jane Margaret Bool at Listerdale Maternity Home in May 1952. I lived with my parents, Frank and Doris Bool, at 130 Bawtry Road, Wickersley, (the red-brick bungalow). I went to Listerdale Primary School and then Maltby Grammar School. My father died in 1980 and my mother in 1984. I have fond memories of my childhood and walking in the Woods and the Gorse. My much-older sister still lives on East Bawtry Road Rotherham so when I visit her I make sure to go and have a look at Wickersley and walk down Sledgate Lane, round Marcliff Crescent, in the churchyard, and through the Gorse. My schoolfriends included Frances Smith, Elizabeth Mulhern, Gillian Cocker, and Jacqueline Foers. If anyone remembers me hello!!
Jane Boulton (born BOOL)
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Posted 05/07/08

I am looking for information on Dr. John Drought Kenny, who practiced medicine as a surgeon in Wickersley from around 1911. He originally was from Treeton. He worked with Dr. Kemp and Dr. O'Hara. He lived at Grange on Morthern Road, Wickersley. Born in 1862 in Ireland, he also practiced in the Bramley, Maltby and Thurncroft area. He died in 1921.
Thanks, Kelly SElcher
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Posted 04/06/08

Lived in Wickersley until I got married in 1974. Father was Eric Gill and mother was Evelyn. Both are buried in the churchyard at St Albans.Brother is Alan and my late sister was Margaret. We lived at 108, Melciss Road. Dad was secretary and treasurer of Wickersly Agricultural Show and chairman of Wickersley Parish Council.He officially opened the village hall in the early 1970's. Gill Close is named in his memory. I played cricket for Wickersley OVCC and football for Springfield Athletic in the Rotherham Sunday League. Attended Listerdale Primary School and Wickersley Secondary School when the headmaster was Mr Rawlinson. Have lived in Tickhill for the past 30 years.
Don Gill

Posted 25/05/08

I can connect The Varah Family of Maltby back to Edward VARAH [1470-1547] and can provide the contact to George VARAH [1836-1897]. Chad VARAH is George's great nephew and, incidentally, a distant cousin of my 'partner'. I have an extensive VARAH tree if anyone is interested.
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Posted 26/04/08

After looking at the recent postings,I remember the mosss family at wickersley hall, fullerloves at the bottom of morthern road,slaks pond and other names. I lived opposite wickersley club from by birth in 49 to my leaving for canada in 71.Still visit to see my mum who is 90 and going well. I have a sister ,janice,still over there. I went to wickersley high school and st albans and my wife went to Maltby.Hello to all the names I recognise and to all I don,t.
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Posted 01/03/08

Hi there i only came across this sight today as a friend told me about it. I think its great, its so much fun reading about people who are no longer with us, ie my uncle DICK FOERS he was a wonderful man. Also to GERALD MOSS Wickersley Hall is still there it has been made in to appartments. Moss close is up the side and behind, I guess its in what was the gardens.
Sally Williams nee Coy
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Posted 06/02/08

Hi I've recently come across the Wickersleyweb website and note under the local family history/genealogy pages there is a section on the Willis family in and around Wickersley. I'm currently researching my family history and find a number of ancestors have BMD & Census entries with addresses in Bramley and occupations in quarrying and stone masonry and I would like to know if it is possible for you to put me in touch with the author of the Willis family article to see if we have any mutual lines of research.
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Posted 30/01/08

I lived in Wickersley from 1957 to 1961 and again from 1975 to 1989. I was born in Listerdale maternity home and went to live my aunt and uncle Cis and George Chapman, they owned the Cobblers that used to be at Wickersley Crossroads and a taxi company. I have lots of happy memories of Old Wickersley B4 the developers moved in. I used to collect eggs for Dick Foers and share a laugh with Whoppo. I remember Baxters owning the newagents and Dells little shop at the top of Pinch Mill Lane, catching tadpoles at Slacks pond and gathering blue bells in the woods. I worked at the Working Mens Club and The MAsons Arms and did a brief stint at the Joker. Happy days.
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Posted 24/01/08

Thomas Allsopp married Emily Beech arround 1910, who gave birth to two daughters Violet Emily, in 1912 and Constance Elizabeth, in 1915. The father, Thomas, was a miner and believed later to be a club stewad, his wife was lame and and wore a large boot to compensate. She is believed to have been a seamstress. The two girls became orphaned in the mid nineteen twenties and were cared for by Alf and May Verah who were friends of the parents. The parents died within a short period of each other . The elder daughter, Violet, was eventually taken in by a doctor and his wife but later she was sent into a childrens home and then on into service. Constance, her sister, lived with the Verah's until her marriage at Wickersley church, aged twenty, on June 11th 1935. If anyone has any knowledge of these families or where the likelyhood of any childrens home during that period may have been I would be pleased to hear from them.
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Posted 17/01/08

I read your wickersley web updates, i was really pleased to see another story in the memories section, Don's memories were great, i could read these stories for hours, i wish more people would contribute, there must be loads of people out there with great stories to tell, but there again the best stories are told by older people and as you know a lot of them don't have access to a computer


Posted 26/12/07

My father, John Wilfred GRIFFITHS, was related by marriage to Harold Knight STYRING. He was the son of Richard Griffiths and Sarah Ann (nee Calam). My father was given a copy of 'Earls without Coronets'. This book was passed to me when my father died in 1967. Sadly it was lost some years later, and I've never been able to replace it. Can anyone help?
Glenys S
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Posted 17/12/07

Do you have any information about Springvale,Morthen Lane.please?
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Posted 24/11/07

Saw a lot of familier names,and makes me feel quite nostalgic and im only 45,just spotted the site and im going to show my mum as i think shel really enjoy it(family name margeret fletcher)thanks for doing it
david walsh
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Posted 22/11/07

More History = Continued history, lets make the history for the future, by recording the people who have continued to live in the houses of wickersley todate. Every householder is important to the community of Wickersley, and I see this website being the Wickersley history site for the children of our future. More research needed of course.. email me if I can help!
Jacki Sheriff
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Posted 09/11/07

After looking at the recent postings,I remember the mosss family at wickersley hall, fullerloves at the bottom of morthern road,slaks pond and other names. I lived opposite wickersley club from by birth in 49 to my leaving for canada in 71.Still visit to see my mum who is 90 and going well. I have a sister ,janice,still over there. I went to wickersley high school and st albans and my wife went to Maltby.Hello to all the names I recognise and to all I don,t.
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Posted 30/10/07

My father, Christopher Charles Moss, is son of Francis C and Dorothy Moss, associated with the Christian Institute. My father, his brother (F.P.Moss 'Robin') and sisters Peggy Moss (later Luscombe) and Joan Moss (later Firth) all lived in Wickersley, at Wickersley Hall. This Wickersley Hall I believe was not the same as the 'Old Hall' but another property further north and now occupied by Moss Close. I'd like to hear from anyone who knew Wickerley Hall, or any of the Moss family.
Gerald Moss
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Posted 16/10/07

My name is Dan Styring, my Grandfather was Bernard Styring, who with his brother Harold ran Styring brothers transport. My father died a few years ago,which meant until the recent birth of my son Henry, I was the last remaining Styring in our line. My father talked of Wickersley and his Father, it is all rather patchy. I was wondering if anybody could help me fill in the blanks, so I can tell Henry about his decendants when he is old enough, thanks
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Posted 11/10/07

Regarding the Moat House (Moat Farm) Wickersley:
I am researching the families of ALLPORT, FLOWER, FOX, THICKETT and would greatly appreciate any information on them.I would love to know who owned Moat House in the early 1800's and if they may have been relatives of- Luke THICKETT & Mary FLOWER's. Their child Francis, was baptised on 21 Sep 1823 at Rawmarsh St Marys. The bap.entry states Luke's occupation as Farmer. It also says it was a private baptism conducted at home address. There is a further entry at Rawmarsh church on 18 Mar 1825 for their dau. Charlotte,which notes a private baptism at the home address of Moat House latterly Moat Farm, Wickersley.
Thanks so very much!
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Posted 07/10/07

Born at Listerdale Maternity Home during the war I lived on Bawtry road until marrying in 1960, attended Maltby Grammer from 1951 until 1958. Been living in the south ot France for the past 40 years, I have very happy memories of the woods too,especially the bluebell, and the trees for climbing ! Thanks. Ruth Ladure née Kettle
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Posted 05/10/07

I am researching the Pennistone family from 1650 to 1800.Mary daughter of Samuel was born 1779 in Wickersley,married Charles Butler from Hooten Roberts,had 5 children- Matthew,Mary,Ann, George,and Samuel. She died 1817. I don't know too much more. Thanks for your web site.
Janice in Massachusetts,USA

Posted 18/08/07

My name is Geraldine (nee Woodward)I went to live in Wickersley with my grandma and grandad (Mr& Mrs John Holland) at 10,Newhall Avenue in 1954 after my mum died.I wonder if my initials (GW)are still carved (with an old penny) on the wall of its front garden, I went to the junior school at the top of Morthen Road. My grandad was a baliff at Slax pond wood where he used to go fishing. I have many happy memories of living with my grandparents for the 2 years I was with them before moving to Worthing in Sussex to live with an Aunt and Uncle. My fondest memories are walking home from school down Morthen Road and having to dash into a driveway to avoid the cows as they were being taken back to the farm to be milked. Also playing in Wickersley Woods and picking Bluebells to put on my mums grave.going to the chipshop with 1p to get some batter pieces that came away from the fish when it was fried. there was a small grocers shop in a little shed at the bottom of Morthern Road run by a very tall man called Mr Fullerlove, where we used to get a 1p worth of sweets and yeast for my grandmas weekly bread making session. I was friends with Doreen Golighltly, Tehe Pennistones that lived opposite, the Turnbulls that lived next door on 1 side and the Wagstaffs on the other. If anyone can recal me,I would be pleased to hear from you. Thanks
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Posted 29/07/07

I have lived in Somerset for 33 years so it was great to find this site since I grew up in Wickersley.I too remember the pigs over the school wall.Buying ice-cream at Pashley`s front door.Motorbike scrambles down Listerdale woods.Walking over the top`s to the Brecks Youth Club, and above all the beautiful bluebells,the like of which I have never seen since.
Regards June Cox (nee Haywood).
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Posted 16/07/07

Hello, Didsbury John, Ann, Gilbert, Edward are possible ancestors Wickersley, Yorkshire, I'm from Albuquerque any info would be great Thanks Boyd Brizzee
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Posted 14/07/07

Flipping 'eck you've been busy on wickersley web, i've just been going through the updated whats new page, you do a great job!, it's great that somebody like you takes the time to do all this research so that people can click on the site and just read all the history, i for one really appreiciate it, i've only been tracing my family for about 2 yrs, but i've gone from being somebody just born and bred round here to now really feeling that i belong with all the history that surrounds me and knowing that i'm part of it.

Posted 08/07/07

Hi, I came here because I am researching Woodcock families in Wickersley. John and Mary Ann Woodcock were my great great grandparents and lived in the village. Their daughter Harriet married John Fulford and they lived in Wickersley for a time too - they are both buried in St Albans. i know that there are still a few Woodcocks still in Wickersley and would love to hear from any of them in case they are descendants of my family. Thanks
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Posted 01/07/07

Thankyou for all the hard work that has gone into this site.Its very accessible and interesting. I am researching my family in Wickersley namely Sarah Trickett( I have a daguerotype photo of her aged 10 in 1840s) She married John Addy whose grandparents kept the Travellers Rest in Bramley.He died in 1910.
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Posted 24/06/07

Hi my name is Ray Hill and I am still trying to contact my half brother Jeffery Hill or he may be known as Jeff Craggs. His mother (Betsy) died when he was young and he was brought up by his grandparents in Wickersley, and also with an Uncle.Betsy was married to my father Arthur Hill. If anyone knows him or his whereabouts, could they please let him know I am trying to make contact, or please contact me on my E mail address. Many thanks to people who have contacted me and to the Wickersley Working men's Club, for help given. But sadly so far, no contact has been made.
regards, Ray Hill
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Posted 03/06/07

Hi Can anyone provide information about what, if any, military use was made of the area around Sandy lane as it crosses the M18 down to Kingsforth Lane. In the kennels is what looks like a nissen hut whilst further down on the right in a field is another military looking building.
Map Ref
Thanks in advance.
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Posted 01/06/07

I'm looking for a dear friend, Evelyn Frost who use to, and may still live at Wickersley Rotherham, South Yorkshire We communicated by telephone monthly and through the mail. Her telephone has been disconnected and I am concerned. Her is failing and I don't know how to reach her family. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
W White
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Posted 13/05/07

My grandparents (Alfred Brown and Annie Brown) moved from Leeds when my dad (George Brown) was a lad. They lived in Rosemary Road. When my mum and dad got married, they lived in Rotherham for a while and then shortly after I was born (1952) moved to Wickersley to Melciss Road. We lived there until 1964 when dad's work moved us to Worcestershire. I attended the 'little' school as we called it and remember 'the barn' with fond memories, except for the playground which was particularly hard if you fell over! I went to Maltby Grammar school and was especially proud of the uniform, brown and yellow and a very elaborate blazer badge. As a family we attended both the Methodist Churches (not at the same time!). My mum and dad both sang, dad in the Greasborough operatic society, and mum was amethodist local preacher. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me or my family. Grandma lived in the village until she died and my Auntie Jean still lives in Bramley. My dad was in the church choir and played football and cricket in the village and played goalie for Rotherham when he was 15, if my memory is correct. He has many wonderful tales to tell if anyone is interested I could connect you. It is lovely to read other peoples' stories about the village. Hope to hear from someone out there soon.
Elaine Shavreen
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Posted 10/05/07

Hi, I myself live in Wickersley as i have done for 12 years of my life. I am wondering if anyone remembers the Burns family that lived on Church Lane opposite Wickersley Comp. This is my nan's family which include, Pamela (Judy), Rosaline (Ann), Robin and one other sister. All i know is that Pamela attended Maltby grammer school. If anyone noes anything about the Burns family, please email me with the information. Thanks
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Posted 31/03/07

My mother,Ena Mary Wadsworth, was born in Wickersley in 1903, and lived at The Laurels, Bawtry Road, next door to Ardleen Villa. My grandfather,Alvery Middleton Wadsworth, was a quarry owner. The family moved into cinemas in the First World War, and built the Picture Palaces at Wincobank and Tinsley in Sheffield. My father,Frank Weston Guest, lived in Wincobank and met Ena at the cinema, where she worked in the box office, but they didn't marry until many years later in 1936:I was born in Slough in 1937
David Wadsworth Guest
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Posted 18/03/07

Hello. Am interested if anyone knows anything about the Awty family who were living in Wickersley during the 1760s.
Kind regards, Simon Kyte
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Posted 13/03/07

Hi,I would like to know if anyone remembers pear tree cottage, it stood at the crossroads before being demolished to make way for the roundabout, my grandma Gladys Booth was brought up there along with her siblings Tessa, Kitty, Dora, Scamp & Sonny.Other names connected to the family going down the years were Streets (farmers & blacksmiths)Plants(blacksmiths)Kennons (hauliage& blacksmiths)Styrings, connected by marriage.Any information appreciated. A WADE
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Posted 03/03/07

i was born in wickersley in 1940, attended listerdale school and wickersley secondary modern as it was then. my aunt mary spencer was the village hairdresser and is listed in the businesses of the 50's on this site, my father was a painter and decorator in the village (eric spencer). i am still living in wickersley and am at the moment caring for an elderly gentleman of 91 who is ex councillor Colin Billups originally from Rawmarsh. if anyone remebers me or mr c. billups we would love to hear from them please e-mail us.
Email Me margaret lloyd ( nee spencer)

Posted 25/02/07

does anyone have any history on 131 bawtry road wickersley perhaps dating back 100 years or more. any help would be appreciated.
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Posted 19/02/07

l lived in wick. for 12 years till 1969.married then moved to kimberworth.lived here for 37 years .I visit wick.quite reg.since retiring i maintain gardens and i have a few customers there.use to live on Springfield rd. with parents
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Posted 03/02/07

I think Wickersleyweb is great and love to read the letters how nice when old friends find contact again.
Plus the photo's and stories of Wickersley very nicely presented
Regards Janet.
Anyone know the Ray family from Rotherham
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Posted 31/01/07

Very useful site and I am interested in George Rooke who you mention owning the manor of Wickersley in 1810. He is sadly not the Admiral Rooke who took Gibralter, rather he was an officer in the 6th Inniskilling Dragoons and as far as I can tell was not related to his more famous namesake. I wonder if anyone can source the records about his ownership of the manor and anything about his daughter Charlotte and her family with John Foster (Rector of Wickersley 10 April 1804 to death in 1863). I know their daughter Charlotte Foster married Kirkby Fenton who was born in Wickersley (I have a lot of this family if anyone is interested but I don't know why Kirkby was born in Wickersley) but I don't know much about their other children.
Any information would be great.
Gavin Thomas.
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Posted 22/12/06

My mother is Heather Hodge nee Lowe,the daughter of Lt Colonel Harold Lowe formerley of 'Faircroft', Sledgate Lane, Wickersley. I was interested to read the page on the Home Guard and particularly my Grandfathers involvement, I would be interested in hearing from anyone who served under him or has photographs. My mother sends her regards to anyone who remembers her or her family.
Nick Hodge

Posted 08/11/06

I am starting to reasearch my family history, I was born and brought in Rotherham, and now live in Doncaster. I have in my possession a large framed plaque containing 2 photographs and an inscription congratulating my great, great grandparents on 50 years work as a local preachers in the Primitive Methodist Church. It is from the Circuit Quaterly Meeting held at Wickersley on June 5th 1913.There are 10 names signed underneath. I wondered if there were any records left relating to the Primitive Methodist Church.
Please email me if possible, thank you for your time.
Sincerely Christine White
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Posted 30/10/06

Terrific Web Site. Moved from Wickersley in the 1960's. Spent 4 years in the Coldtream Guards them emigrated to Seattle, WA. USA. Very fond memories of the village. We first moved into the old Chaple Round House on Morthen Road back in the late 50's The house is pictured on one of the links which is how I found this site..

Best Regards, Paul
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Posted 30/08/06

I noticed that the Revell family have a bit on your site. I am looking at the history of the old Ravenfield school (1785-1909). When I saw Alice Cox nee Revill and George Cox I recalled the names. Alice Revell married George Cox and later became the school mistress at Ravenfield school until 1847 (George was the original teacher but he died in 1831. Between them they taught for 36 years (1811 to 1847).


Posted 30/08/06

i am looking to trace a penpal i used to correspond with, her name was Judy Avrin and this was in the late 1940,s early 1950,s am hoping to trace her. thankyou

beryl arnold
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Posted 29/06/06

I'm trying to regain contact with an old pen pal / friend. His name was Dean Everitt, i'm hoping someone will know him. He had a little sister called Emma i think. If i remember right, he will be about 22/23 years of age now. I know his mum and dad lived in Wickersly. I think the last time i spoke to him or seen him was 2004 around August time. I know he mentioned something about going to court over attacking a policeman. As i lost touch i don't know the outcome of what happened at court. Can anyone reccomend any sites to try and find out, if you know what i'm on about. Also anyone who knows him, please contact me, as it' important that i speak to him. Many thanks, and i hope people can help me.

K xx
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Posted 25/05/06

I am looking for a copy of a book written by Leslie and Sylvia Beckett, called Medieval Wickersley and its Environs. I think it may have produced as a fundraiser for the church in the early 1990s. Does anyone know where I might be able to get hold of a copy? Ta Muchly

Nan Hume
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Posted 22/05/06

Stumbled across your site by accident in the course of tracing my family tree. Was very interested in your excerps from directories and your coronation celebration booklets. I have a few of these myself and it's been great spotting family members in the ones I haven't got. Thanks.


Posted 21/04/06

I was born and bred in Wickersely. Actually born down Quarryfield Lane in 1966 and lived in the village until I was 30. My grandmother lived at 4 Quarryfield Lane and was called Butterfield. I had a great childhood in Wickersley, attended St Albans School and the Wickersley Comp. I really enjoyed this site and found it interesting, but I did feel that captions are needed for the old photographs so I could actually visualise the old places in a point where I remember. Keep up the good work

N Smith

Posted 09/04/06

I am trying to find my half brother Jeffrey Arthur Hill, I believe he may have been born in Wickersley or lived in Wickersley - his mother was Phyllis Hill nee Craggs, she is buried in a Wickersley Cemetery. My father was Arthur William Hill also known as Bill. They met and married in Wickersley whilst he was serving in the Royal Artillery during the second world war. If anyone knows anything, please Email Me. When Phyllis died Jeffrey was about 3 years old, and may have been adopted.

Posted 17/03/06

Lived in Wickersley with my parents Geoffrey and Audrey Helliwell, before moving to Lincoln. Dad used to live on Tanyard Farm and I'm interested in learning more about the Helliwells in Wickersley

R Helliwell
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Posted 05/03/06

hello to anyone who is out there from my time or who may remember me! i was born in wickersley then moved to thunder bay canada in 1987 then moved back and attended wickersley comp for a few moths before moving back.. i love it there was hoping to find some old friends but no luck anyone who remembers me e mail me it would be great to hear from you!

donna harvey
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Posted 15/01/06

i am moving to bawtry rd wickersly soon and am looking foward to becoming a member of the community. i really enjored this thanks.


Posted 15/01/06

I came across your site while I was researching my husbands aunts family. She was unaware of her background on her mothers side and I am into family research, I love it. I have found her family in Wickersley, they were the Boid or Boyd family. They were there in 1851, Robert Boid goes back to 1776. The name changes soon after with his son Joseph to Boyd. They were all Quarry men and Joseph had 10 children. I would love to find a contact who would help me to confirm some of these people, perhaps through to today. I would imagine some of them will be buried in the local graveyard. It has been a pleasure to learn about the village and some of the names on this site are so familiar to me now. I'd love a contact, I live on the South Coast so although imagination is great, before I present this information to her, it would be nice to know if there are Boyd's there today. Many thanks for any help you can give.

Frances Mears Whitsey
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Posted 08/01/06

Interesting that the overwhelming memories of most of your contributers is of the lovely Wickersley bluebell woods ,I can still picture them now and have never encountered better 46 Years after leaving. As a Wickersley Sec Mod pupil,I was a "butchers boy " for Jack Mumford, and a greengrocers lad for "Tot" Hough. Happy Days!!!!


Posted 05/12/05

I was Born and Lived at Listerdale (Brecks ) from 1944 -1974 Then I moved to Wickersley untill 2004. Ihave now moved to Spain to live. All my childhood was spent down Listerdale Woods The Tom Tom, Sledging Hill, Dark Wood ,Sugarloaf, Littlewood etc.


Posted 27/11/05

Hello I found your site very interesting, as I was researching the Ollivants and found the link between Alfred, the Bishop of Llandaff and Alice Spencer. Thanks


Posted 07/10/05

I lived in Wickersley as a child, Moved away briefley when I got married, but returned after 5 years. I still live in Wickersley with my 2 grown-up children. It is a village where most people know each other, there is a strong sense of community here. Thoroughly enjoyed looking at the old pictures, incidently.....the walk through Wickersley Gorse is absolutely beautiful.


Posted 06/10/05

Wow, thank you for this site! I am searching for my family (five generations back) and it was great to get an idea of where they lived. My grandfather William Varah was a stone mason and I am trying to get information about him and his ancestors. They went to St. Alban's Church. The one suggestion I have, please have a listing of who is buried in your cemetery's. Here in Michigan, U.S.A., they are starting to do this, and it really helps! What a neat town, hope someday I can visit!

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Posted 09/08/05

I was born in Wickersley and my father was a farmer and had the Tanyard Farm in 1955. The Helliwell family had this farm up until my father died. Fred Helliwell died on Christmas Day 1955 (I was only a few weeks old). The local farmers carried my dad's coffin into Wickersley St. Albans Church at his funeral. My mother went to live on Springfield Road with me and my sister (who was then 5 years old) and my Grandma Minnie Myers Helliwell. The Tanyard shopping parade is now built on this land.

My Mum (Joyce Helliwell) did not re-marry until 1980 and she still lives in Wickersley. I went to Wickersley C of E School and I remember Pashley's Farm across the road from the school and hearing the pigs squealing (and smelling!)as we played in the school yard.

We played in the Bluebell Wood and I remember a fallen oak tree at the top of the sledging hill which all the kids climbed on (and got very dirty on).

Most of my family are still living in Wickersley and I have never lived very far away.


Posted 01/08/05

Many thanks to the lady who sent me some information about 'Ardleen Villa', 127 Bawtry Road, Wickersley, which is the house I was evacuated to in 1944. She has promised further information about the family. I wonder if anyone else knows of the Wadsworths who lived there in the 1940s. There were Mr & Mrs (an elderly couple) plus son Victor living at home, and nearby lived Owen, a policeman and his wife, with daughter Coralie who was bedridden with rheumatoid arthritis. There was a daughter (Violet?) and a daughter-in-law, I think, with two small boys. She had a haberdashery stall in Rotherham market. I think there may have been another son who was a butcher. Any information about this branch of the large Wadsworth family would be most welcome. Please email me
Peter Reardon

Posted 19/07/05

I lived in Marcliff Cresent until married in 67. I remember most the great times in the "woods" and at the Youth Club at the Brecks. I have lived in Canada for the past 30 years however one day soon I hope to go back and visit.
Ed Cuthill

Posted 15/07/05

I was born in Wickersley in 1924.My parents migrated to the US in 1925.My fathers sister lived there under her married name of Bailey. We returned to Wickersley about 1929 and I remember cousins of mine named Bailey. I started school there,but was soon taken out of school to return to the states. Would anyone know if their are any families by that name living their now?
Frank Marsden
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Posted 01/07/05

A great and informative site. I have traced a branch of my family back to a William Saxton,a farmer of Tickhill. His daughter Anne Saxton was born in 1818 and that is all I know of him apart from his profession. I have discovered a William Saxton farmer in the Extract from Sheffield Directory, 1862 (from the site (http://www.wickersleyweb.co.uk/hist/1862.htm)). Does anyone have any information on this family and the land they farmed there. Any help would be gratefully received.
Thanks again.
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Posted 30/06/05

I was evacuated to Wickersley in 1944 from London and last week found myself passing through for the first time in 61 years. Obviously the place was unrecognisable but I tried to find the house I lived in. It was in Bawtry Road, and the number was I think a hundred and something. The house was called Ardleen Villa and was a big stone detached house on the North side of the main road. The family name was Wadsworth, an elderly couple with a big family. Mr Wadsworth owned the Tinsley Green Empire (cinema) in Sheffield and we used to go there twice a week. Last week, the only house I could find which looked anything like 'mine' was no. 109 Bawtry Road (now a furniture depot) but I'm not at all sure that this was it. Behind the house was another building used by his son for an electrical sales unit, behind that was an orchard and a pigsty. One of my jobs was to feed the pigs. I would be fascinated to hear from anyone who can definitely identify Ardleen Villa, or hear from any direct descendants of the Wadsworth family, who were very kind to their little 12-year old evacuee.
Peter Reardon

Posted 08/06/05

What a wonderful site.
My Great Great-Greatgrandfather Henry Downs or Downes was a butcher/farmer in Wickersley.If any one has any information about the family I would love to hear from them.
Please keep up the good work.

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Posted 05/06/05

My family bought a semi-detached in Foster Road when I was about 7 yrs old (would have been around 1962). The houses were all just being built then. I went to Wickersley C of E school and remember playing in what we called the Bluebell Woods. Family moved to NZ in 1964 and I've been there since. Nice website .. are there any online maps of Wickersley ?


Posted 13/04/05

Hello I enjoyed reading your website. Could anyone please help me with information about Henry Tomlinson who lived at Wickersley Grange in 1877. He was my Great Grandfather and we have a cup presented to him then by Morgan,MacAulay and Waide and have wondered who they were and what the occasion was about. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks
Rhona Munro
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Posted 23/03/05

I was born at the top of Bramley Hill No. 5 The Mount. When my grandparents died we flited to Quarry Fields Wickersley. I got called up and in 1947 married in Wickersley Church. All my school days was spent at Wickersley School.
Mr.E. Chipchase

Posted 13/03/05

I used to live in Wickersley from 1958 onwards, finally left the area in 1987. Now live in Norwich. My father, Martin Almond, used to be on the Parish Council until his death in 1979. Almond Glade is named after him. I went to Wickersley Sec Mod School 1960-1964, so hello to anyone who remembers me. This site was a rare find, very enjoyable, didnt know it existed until i decided to have a 'surf'. Just typed in Wickersley and hey presto!!! Thanks.
Jill Dunhill nee Almond

Posted 08/03/05

Re Wickersley Charities Sheffield Archives have details:

Reference: SY/614/K97/1 Charity Accounts, Wickersley Charities
Also known as the Poor's Money Charity including the charities of John Aldred, J. Radley, R. Scarborough, N. Scholey and Catherine Sibray.
1899-1901; 1905-1930

Reference: SY/614/K97/2
The Charity of Mrs Amelia Yates to Wickersley Christian Institute
Creation dates: 1901-1953
1901-1948; 1951-1953

Contact Details
52 Shoreham Street
S1 4SP
Tel: 0114 203 9395

Fax: 0114 203 9398 Email: sheffield.archives@dial.pipex.com


Posted 05/03/05

Hi,Brillant site,My Gt. Grandfather John Sutton was the secretary of the Wickersley Christian Institue in 1865-1867 or longer.Is there anyone that could tell me more about this,I have looked at the charities pages on the net etc.,and wondered if the building is still there
Regards Janet

Posted 07/11/04

I believe my grandmother, Clarice Marsland, was living at Wickersley Hall prior to her marrying in July 1926. She married Frank Gerrard Evans. Does anyone know anything about them?

Posted 26/10/04

I was looking at your web site because my Grandad grew up in Wickersley. Although he has just passed at 85 and moved to Devon in the 1950's, he always liked to recall his childhood and never forgot to tell anyone he was a Yorkshireman! I was hoping to find some old (or even recent) photos, hopefully of 'Quarryfields' as this is where he said he lived. I plan to visit next year with my Mum to remember him. His name was Thomas Wesson
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Posted 25/09/04

I was doing a genealogical search for my family name (Trickett) and found your site among the listed sites. Although I don't know if I'm descended from "your" Tricketts, I found it interesting and informative.
Ron Trickett
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Posted 02/09/04

Nice site thanx. Anyone remember PCs Dougie Turner, Wilf Duty,Eddie Askew, Harry Foulds. Not fogetting Tony Bradley and Dickie Dews the 2 Seargeants. I also served with them except Harry Foulds. He was a fine gentleman.

Posted 04/08/04

Moved to New Zealand in 2002 and no intention to return to Britain but it is nice to see photos of where I'm originally from, my parents still live on Freeman Road and visited me here recently. More photos of new developments and Listerdale and Wickersly Woods where I used to walk my dogs would be nice. It seems a lot of Wickersley people have left to go to Canada, I have broken with that tradition and gone to NZ. Get in touch if you remember me, or even if you don't.

Posted 25/07/04

My great grandparents lived there in the late 1800's and my grandfather was born there as was my father and aunts and uncles.
I used to visit them in the early 1950's but have since lost contact of any relatives in this area.
Bob Hall

Posted 28/04/04

Hi, I have really enjoyed looking at your site - very well presented


Posted 24/01/04

My name is Nicola Diane Styring Emsley, I was born in Wickersley in 1958, I am the daughter of Dorothy Rita Styring and Peter Emsley (of Rotherham) and lived at first on Morthern Road - we had the grocery shop. I spent most of my childhood with my Grandfather Herbert Harold Styring a Wickersley buisnessman. I emigrated to Canada in 1974 but my heart is still in Yorkshire and as soon as I can by body will be back there.
Nicola Styring Emsley

Posted 21/01/04

Interesting genealogy page, as I'm descended from the John Linley/Ann Shirley mentioned. You may - or may not - wish to link to my website .
David Lindley

Posted 11/01/04

I was brought up in wickersley in the 60s and enjoyed looking at the old photographs ,although it would be better if there was some description of where they were taken
mike webster

Posted 27/12/03

Great site.Have lived in canada for 33 years but still visit every 3 or 4 years.Hello to all.
Stephen Dolphin

Posted 26/12/03

I have something to add: "Searching for Stephen Dolphin, Teresa Dolphin, Bob and Jean Rotherham. Jean is the daughter of Eliza Neal and Ernest Wing of Rotherham. Eliza Neal is my great aunt, my grandmother Annie Jones nee Neal who died 1929. Am compiling family tree and interested in information/photos. Also any information re a Noah Neal (also a relative) who died in 1962 Kent, but buried in Wickersley. Many thanks, Sylvia nee Jones"
Sylvia Mast

Posted 26/12/03

On another website I saw a notice from a Stephen Dolphin in about 2001/2002. He is related to a woman who is the sister of my grandmother (Bob and Jean Rotherham). He also refered to a Teresa Rotherham of Wickersley. I gather they both went to Wickersley Comprehensive (Stephen Dolphin and Teresa Rotherham). Does Wickersley have a local noticeboard in the library or something? This is re family history. Many thanks for any suggestions.
Sylvia Mast

Posted 18/12/03

Hey caught sight of your post on the Wickersley web site . For information the estate Lauderdale is called Listerdale

Posted 01/11/03

I was born in Wickersley and brought up on Lings Lane, I went to school at the Barn along side St.Albans Church then went to Wickersley Comprehensive.
If anyone can remember me?

Dennis Hough

Posted 7/10/03

Thank you for displaying my Hall family enquiry on 10/9. I have had contact from a descendant from the Yelland family and from Jan Hall in Australia. I am keen to discover the exact position of Northfield House in Northfield Lane and if any photographs exist. It could have been demolished in the 1930's when the Lauderdale estate was built. The was the home of John Hall and Fanny (nee Platts)and his brother Charles Hall and family in the 1850's after their move from Dalton Magna. Any help would be appreciated. Your website is excellent.

Contact H. Dalton

Posted 17/09/03

Hello,I am researching my family tree - GRIERSON - and have just discovered that one of my ancestors - Margaret Grierson - was living at the Wickersley Hall shown on your website at the time of the 1881 census with her cousin Sophia Titcomb (Mary Holt Grierson nee Titcomb was Margarets' mother).

I would like to find out a little more about this so would be very grateful if you could give me details of where I can get more information about Wickersley Hall and the inhabitants over the years.

Many thanks

Barbara W.

Posted 16/09/03


**Thank you so much** for your Wickersley web-site! I have enjoyed roaming around.

I was wondering if by chance you might know just what the 'Moat House' was back in the early 1800's? I have some ancestors who were baptized there, and I haven't been able to figure this out. If it was the name of the family home, I certainly can't find out any info on it. Luke Thickett (Thickit) and Mary Flower had children Mary, Sarah, Elizabeth, Anne and Jane, all baptized at the Moat House from 1812-1820. Their 3 remaining children were baptized at Rawmarsh.

I would love to know what the Moat House was, and I do appreciate your time.

I'm in Vancouver BC Canada, which makes for difficult researching, and all the more reason I loved your web-site!

I would *love* to hear from any 'Thickett' descendants or researchers.

(I wonder if they were bap. on Moat farm???) I'm always curious. :-)

Thanks for any help at all! Cheers
Email Me Teena

Posted 14/09/03

This site is fascinating, I hope it continues to grow and develop.

My grandfather John Gott was born in Wickersley. His father, Herbert, had married Emily Winder, daughter of a quarry owner John Winder (wife Elizabeth Downes). The Gotts had gradually moved down from the Selby area and I have traced them back to Riccall and Monk Frystone. They were farmers but the family folklore says that great grandfather drank away the money!

I'd like to know more about the Quarry and what happened to it. I think the farm may be where there is now a small estate of new houses. I have an address of Quarry field, Gillott Lane.

I'd also like some history information about the local primary school - From the Winder family one son, Leonard Winder, was a pupil teacher. He went on to become the first headteacher at Alkborough School in Lincolnshire.

Any help appreciated.
Contact M. Hargreaves

Posted 10/09/03

My Hall family appear to be a different branch from one's listed on your Genealogy section . John and Mary Hall and their children including Herman. My Great Grandfather, John Hall, born Wickersley 1854, was the child of John and Elizabeth Hall. The father was born was born in nearby Dalton Magna in 1823 and was married to Fanny Platts in Wickersley in 1848. The family lived at Northfield House in Wickersley together with his brother Charles (also born Dalton Magna) and his family and both are quoted on the 1851 census as Quarry Masons.

My family later moved to Attercliffe where my Great Grandfather married Catherine Pickering at Zion Congregational Chapel in 1877.

As far as I can make out Dalton Magna was a larger place in the early 1800's and I believe that a name of Hall featured in the village in earlier days. The original John married an Elizabeth Yelland and that family were shoemakers.

There are several gravestones to Hall families in Wickersley churchyard. Some relate to the John and Mary Hall branch but I noted on a visit one to George Ernest Hall who died around 1943 and who had lived in Bramley. I think he was the son of Tom Hall, Quarry owner, who in turn was the son of the original Charles, brother to my Great x 2.

I would be interested to learn of any connection between the two branches of the Hall family in Wickersley in the mid 1850's and any living descendants.
Contact H. Dalton

Posted 02/09/03

Hello from Canada!
Interesting website. Will look forward to see some family History info. My grt grt grandparents, Joseph Wadsworth & his wife Anne (Barlow) are buried at St. Alban's just inside the gateway. Joseph was a farmer, his son Charles was a saddler, his grandson Fred moved to Whiston where he married and my Dad was born.

Posted 19/07/03

I do family history and I am trying to trace a Dr. Terance Moore who had a practice in your town in 1986. I got this information from an aunt in 1986 Margary Parry.Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.Please pass along my e-mail address to him or his family.
Thankyou very much.
Louise Gebert Canada

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Posted 11/07/03

It's been a while since I was in Wickersley, enjoyed the site very much, also have a question,have they changed the badge on the school uniform ?

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Posted 17/06/03

Hi there,

Thank you for a very informative site. Your visitors may also like to take a look at www.wickersley.clubbers.net - a website covering the facilities and activities at Wickersley Social Club.

Clubs such as this have remained a focal point of the social activity of the local community for many years. Another site www.rotherham.clubbers.net covers numerous other Social Clubs in the Rotherham area. I hope that your visitors may enjoy these sites.



Posted 11/06/03

Hi Jan,

Am hoping to have a Family History/Genealogy page soon. So keep checking in !!



Posted 21/05/03

Hi there,

I found this site while browsing and thought what a good,informative site it is. I live in wickersley and have lots of pictures of wickersley woods,snowcovered and bluebell carpeted ones.I walk my dog every morning there and never get bored as each day brings another joy,be it squirrels playing or a sighting of the jays,or just a chat with other likeminded people enjoying their walk.

Posted 20/05/03


Having just found relatives HALL's around this area I have joined the RFHS and found this link from their site. It has been fascinating finding out more family history, i have found some wonderful people that have helped me, but am always looking for more. so if you have any HALL'S lurking in your past around this areas of Wickersley, Dalton, Wombwell, Skelbrook, South Kirkby, or Sheffield area then please contact me, i would be happy to hear from you

Jan Hall

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